Advertiser: Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF)
Brand: Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF)
Country: Denmark


Commercial objectives
  1. Short-term: Increase revenue from membership fees
  2. Long-term: increase State contributions to the Party by the next election

KPI goal: Earn back at least €2.5 per €1 invested in the campaign

SF was losing hundreds of members per year over the previous 5 years, and was losing revenue from membership fees (Figure 1). SF's goal to turn a profit from its campaign investment required the Party to gain additional members and overturn a long history of negative ROMI due to continuous membership losses.

Figure 1: SF ROMI1

In Denmark, the State gives political parties approximately €4 per vote gained in an election. SF used this as an incentive to gain more votes and therefore more State contributions.

Marketing objectives
  1. Increase voter intention