Seek: Volunteer to promote volunteering

Leo Burnett Melbourne

10 years ago, SEEK (Australia's leading jobsite), volunteered to create a website to make it easier for Australian charities to find volunteers. But with little marketing support, awareness of the site remained low, meaning many charities couldn't find the volunteers they needed. We needed more people to know about SEEK Volunteer, so we started a campaign to raise awareness of the service.

Our goal was to generate 'earned media' to amplify the US$76k budget and create enough impact, not only to drive awareness and site visitation, but actually increase the national volunteer rate. In the spirit of volunteering, we built a campaign using 'volunteered' media space to help us get our message out – whether that be a blog post, a bill poster, a radio spot, a Facebook upload, a Tweet…or even a postage stamp.

The campaign results:

  • Volunteer sign ups rose by 557% YOY
  • Site visitation more than doubled YOY
  • Awareness of SEEK Volunteer doubled
  • Over US$1.2 million media value was created from an initial marketing investment of only US$76k
  • An estimated US$14 million of incremental labour value created for Australian charities – with a ROMI of over 18,000%!

What were the objectives for the creative work?