Campaign details

Advertiser: Coca-Cola
Brand: Schweppes
Agency: Ogilvy São Paulo
Country: Brazil


Schweppes, a brand that has nightclub as its main point of sales and men as its primary essential target, needed to launch its new global positioning 'Character Required' in Brazil.

To respond to that, we had the following objectives:

  • Commercial: increase market share in 1pp and sales in 10% vs previous year, mainly on adult social occasions.
  • Marketing: retain and recruit young adults, both men and women, by becoming part of their socialising/alcohol habits and experiences.
  • Communication: Build awareness around the new positioning, leveraging Schweppes image as the perfect social partner.

Creative work

As building character isn't easy and to make men see and realize the harassment women face when going out, Schweppes created "Dress for Respect". It's a dress made with an ultra sensitive tissue that register every touch received. 3 different women wore the Dress for Respect to a popular nightclub in São Paulo, Brazil. As they made their way to the bar, the dress sent to a control unit every information in real-time of the non-consensual touches (where they happened, the intensity and duration, for example) they received from men who tried to approach – or simply put their hands on them. With the help of 6 hidden cameras and 2 disguised photographers, we could also register what those men said and how they acted close. The real-time action became a video shared by Schweppes, launching its new positioning – 'Character required'. Nothing more needed for this situation than character. This time, there was no way men couldn't see the harassment. And for Schweppes, nothing more important than make them realize that harassment isn't flirt.