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Advertiser: Santa Casa De Misericórdia De São Paulo
Brand: Santa Casa De Misericórdia De São Paulo
Agency: VMLY&R BRAZIL São Paulo
Country: Brazil


Santa Casa de Misericorida de Sao Paulo is the largest philanthropic hospital in Latin America. However, it suffers from a chronic shortage of blood supply. Very few Brazilians are regular blood donors: 1.8% of the population, when the World Health Organization recommends at least 3%1. Even the few ones who want to join Santa Casa's donor database usually give up because of the long process, which includes going to the hospital and filling out numerous forms.

% of the population that donates blood

The hospital runs mass campaigns to attract new donors, but many of them have blood types that are not in need in that moment. Besides that, because of their almost-zero budget, these initiatives tend to be infrequent, and blood has a short shelf life.