Samsung Electronics Austria: Power Sleep

CHEIL Germany


The 3 main objectives of the campaign:

  1. Awareness
  2. Image Improvement
  3. Animation for Download (of the Power Sleep App)

There were no commercial goals tied to the campaign, the App was free of charge. Samsung Power Sleep was part of the international brand and CSR initiative "Launching People". Samsung believes that when technology meets people, amazing things happen. With this initiative Samsung aims to help people all over the world discover new opportunities and realize their ideas, dreams and potential. Ideas, just like the Power Sleep.


In 2013 Samsung delivered the most sophisticated smartphones in its history. With the launch of the Galaxy S4 and Note 2 it was finally recognised by blogs and media as a serious challenger to the most recognised brand in the category - Apple. But with design and engineering close to par the Korean technology company still lacked one thing that couldn't be engineered: brand love. In order to drive the products into the hearts of consumers worldwide Samsung launched "Launching People", a platform that illustrates what Samsung truly believes in, that technology can lead to great things when put into the hands of people.