Advertiser: Public Eye
Brand: Public Eye
Agency: Freundliche Grüsse
Country: Switzerland


Trafigura operates in the shadows, concealed from the eyes of the world. Our objective was to gain awareness by shedding light upon these practices in the media. And to push African authorities to accept responsibility in order to take a first step towards stopping the dirty business altogether.


Awareness: Generate at least 100 media reports on the topic. (see figure A and figure B) Behaviour: Make a contribution to change the national energy policies of Ghana and adjacent countries and – in the long term – improve the air quality in these areas. (see figure C)


Activation: Mobilize at least 15'000 people in Switzerland to sign a petition. (see figure D) Community building: gather at least 2'000 new addresses/contacts and 400 new members for Public Eye. (see figure E)

Creative work