Campaign details

Advertiser: Mahindra & Mahindra
Brand: Project Nanhi Kali
Agency: WATConsult Mumbai
Country: India


Chess was invented in India in the 6th Century with the Queen being the most powerful piece on the board. However today in the 21st century, the real queens i.e. a vast majority of Indian women are not even powerful enough to get access to basic rights of education. Infact, 20 million girls are denied education in India each year due to the deep rooted misogyny in Indian society.

The core objective of the campaign was to drive donations towards the education of underprivileged girls and raise awareness about how educated women help society.

Creative work

Queen plays a vital role in the game of chess. We introduced the world's first chess game with a Powerless Queen. Being a one of its kind game, in this version of Chess, one player had to play with a Powerless Queen, i.e. a queen who couldn't move while the other player would has a powerful queen. Queen being the most powerful piece on the chessboard, #PowerlessQueen was a metaphor for how real-life queens i.e. women in India are treated and rendered powerless