Campaign details

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble 
Brand: Procter & Gamble 
Agency: Great Big Story New York
Country: United States


First and foremost, our hope was to deliver a groundbreaking piece of content that would extend beyond the borders of what's expected and familiar among recognizable, established brands. In the current market, consumers care about more than quality products, recognizable brand names, and dependable customer service. With consumers more socially atuned than ever before, companies have to go beyond business to connect on a deeper level.

Our primary communication objective was to invest into a meaningful cause-more than token profiteering off of culturally relevant messaging and imagery. We wanted to prove to consumers, and the market as a whole, that P&G cares about social issues beyond just face-value efforts. We wanted to prove that we're willing to invest significant resources into moving these issues forward, even when the result is less than perfectly flattering for P&G and its history. We sought to communicate P&G's attitude of inclusiveness—not just when its convenient, but wherever the current status quo fails specific groups or society as a whole.