Campaign details

Advertiser: S-Group
Brand: Prisma
Agency: In-house
Country: Finland


  1. Commercial objectives of The Belt 24/7 were to increase sales of a Hypermarket Prisma Kaari by 20% during the first stunt and 5% in the long run by making everyone aware that Prisma is open 24/7.

Creative work

The creative idea of the campaign was to create a a slow TV show, shot live. The idea was to film a conveyor belt of Prisma, nonstop, around the clock to literally demonstrate that Prisma is open 24/7. In short: We truly live-streamed groceries in the cash belt of Prisma checkout. No people, just groceries.

The creative idea toyed around with voyeurism and the Finns need to get their 15 minutes of fame. These two combined with a possibility to comment the belt real time on Facebook and the strategic move to launch the content also as a TV show in the Finnish TV, were the main ingredients of extremely successful campaign.