Advertiser: Philips
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, London
Country: United Kingdom, United States


Philips is moving from consumer electronics to selling higher margin health-technology. But consumer perception hasn’t changed with the business. Many consumers think Philips just makes TVs. Philips wanted to change brand perception by becoming a global leader in health tech. Changing perception meant celebrating Philips health innovation in communications. To begin our journey, we chose to work with Philips Respironics, a business group who make respirators for people with breathing difficulties. This gave us an opportunity to not only build brand but drive business.

Philips Respironics wanted leadership in the Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) category. The healthcare system in the US is highly fragmented. They had to win over a wide range of stakeholders: hospitals, health professionals, physicians, insurers, sales reps, patient groups and those suffering from respiratory illness. We wanted to tell one story that proved to everyone that Philips SimplyGo POCs made life better for the whole breathing community. More than that, we wanted to tell a story that differentiated Philips in a highly competitive category, where more than a dozen companies offered similar portable breathing devices. We believed a new narrative for Philips Respironics would elevate the brand and create a favourable selling environment.