Advertiser: Orange
Brand: Orange
Agency: FP7/Tunisia
Country: Tunisia


In a battle of speed, packages and bundles where all telecommunication brands' offerings are competitively matched, the telecommunications sector in Tunisia has become highly competitive and saturated. In this saturated telecom sector in Tunisia, that tends to be driven by youth consumers (constituting over 60% of the population), Orange was the last brand to launch its 4G services, after the leading competitors; i.e. Ooredoo and Tunisie Telecom.

63% of Tunisian youth say that when they spend more time with a brand, they buy more from it (Source: Truth About Youth). To breakthrough with the time-poor youth and to win their share of data, we needed to win their share of time. And in doing so, we needed to show the speed of Orange's 4G, through a product demonstration worthy of their time.