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Advertiser: Nissan Saudi Arabia
Brand: Nissan Saudi Arabia
Agency: TBWA\RAAD Dubai
Country: Saudi Arabia


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is intent on reforming and modernising Saudi Arabia, from a societal, cultural and economic point of view. Given the collapsing oil prices alongside the economic and social demands of and an exploding youth population, he's convinced the time is now.

His Vision 2030 strategy aims to repudiate both the nation's dependence on oil and its support of religious fundamentalism. One of the biggest tenets of his audacious plan is to stop the marginalisation of women in Saudi Arabian society. The first and most dramatic step was the Royal Decree announced on 26th September, which gave women the right to drive as of 26th June 2018.

With the new car market down over 20% in 2018, the decree had pundits rushing to predict a bright future for the new car market in Saudi Arabia. PwC issued a report titled "Women driving the transformation of KSA automotive market," which forecasts the decree will deliver 9% growth to the new car market every year until 2025, as 3 million women (20% of the total Saudi female population) are expected to take the wheel by 2020.