Campaign details

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson
Brand: Nett Tampons
Agency: Isobar Courbevoie
Country: France



Since 2012, the tampon market has been eroding, with a 26% decrease in sales in 6 years (Nielsen_all mass channels_volumes sales from 2012 to 2017).

There are 3 main causes to this decrease:

  • Regular crisis on tampon's composition have made consumers' defiant towards the category.
  • New alternative solutions to intimate protection such as intimate cups have appeared and are quickly growing which gains 47,6% value in 2017 vs 2016 (1).
  • New contraception modes limiting bleeding during periods have also induced a reduction in tampons' sales.

In April 2017, a sanitary crisis bursts in media & weakens even more the tampon market in France: the Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare infection provoking septicaemia during periods, has been multiplied by 4 since 2004 (2). And teenage girls who experience their first periods and lack education on proper use of intimate protection, are the first victims of this sanitary crisis.