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Advertiser: Netsafe New Zealand
Brand: Netsafe New Zealand
Agency: DDB New Zealand Auckland
Country: New Zealand


"The real problem is not whether machines think - but whether we do"

-B.F. Skinner

Netsafe is a non-profit cyber-safety organisation that gives Kiwis the education and tools to keep them safe online; from online bullying to healthy social media usage. But there was one type of digital danger that hadn't yet been tackled at scale.

Phishing attacks (fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information) have increased by 65% worldwide since 2015.1 Closer to home, in the past year New Zealanders lost at least $257m to cyber crime.2

Sadly, the real losses are much higher. The above figure only takes into account reported losses. It's not hard to see why most victims stay silent. It's embarrassing to admit to being fooled. While it might be tempting to look with scorn at those who have fallen for scams, 30% of us open these emails, and 13% of us even click on the malicious attachment or link.3