Campaign details

Advertiser: Reckitt Benckiser
Brand: Mucinex
Agency: McCann New York
Country: United States


On top (not top of mind)

Mucinex's patents expired in 2014 and sales started slumping, it repositioned from a product known for mucus into something that does more.

A kick-ass attitude rallied fighters to stop taking sick lying down and ditch the misery of sickness. Mucinex became the ultimate symptom-fighting weapon. And it was done with humor, through an icon reborn: Mr. Mucus was ejected from your chest and into the real world, where he embodied the misery sickness brings to your life.

The perception of what Mucinex could do was broadening.

But Mucinex had even bigger ambitions: to become an iconic American brand.

To accomplish this, Mucinex needed to do more than tell a story about defeating sickness. We needed to break through with a broader audience than we'd ever reached before, winning a place in people's hearts and remaining at the top of their minds.