Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

Advertiser: Metro Trains
Brand: Metro Trains
Country: Australia
Agency: McCann Melbourne


Every year there are needless deaths or accidents around Melbourne's trains. And while rail accidents are tragic, they are, in most cases, completely avoidable. This is particularly true for young adults.

Unfortunately as social issues go, rail safety wasn't on people's radar. With more high profile issues around drugs, violence, and drink driving occupying the social zeitgeist, we needed to do something to grab our audience's attention. And with a total budget of $300K, this meant that simply shouting louder wasn't an option. It meant we needed to leverage both social media and traditional PR to drive awareness and engagement, and affect behaviour change.

Most importantly, as we were speaking to young people we had to avoid being just another parental message on a long list of things that they are told not to do. Don't do drugs. Don't speed. Don't smoke.