Campaign details

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Metamucil
Agency: In house
Country: Australia


P&G's objective from the campaign was to:

  1. Increase sales of Metamucil by 15%
  2. Increase penetration (percentage of Australian households using Metamucil) by 10% by focusing on the gut health market
  3. Improve awareness and core equities of the brand by 10%.

The Marketing team were thus tasked with building brand equity and awareness of Metamucil with younger consumers (25-55 years), who are particularly in the gut health market.

From a communications point of view, the most important brand equities to grow were identified as 'a natural product', 'improves regularity' and 'promotes gut health', while maintaining equity in 'helps with constipation'. And finally, we set ourselves the task of achieving more than 4 million views on social and video platforms for the next instalment of our romance, building on the audience we had already captured with episode 1.

Creative work