Campaign details

Advertiser: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Agency: In house
Country: United States


With the rise of fast casual restaurants and new QSR (Quick Service Restaurants, that is, Fast Food) entrants, it's becoming harder and harder to maintain and grow our share. These newer brands can move faster, presenting new challenges for a brand established in 1955, that has grown to the largest player in the category.

We have to re-establish relevance and reignite the latent love our customers have for us by reminding them that we're more than fast food. We have to demonstrate that we're tuned in to culture and aren't afraid to stand up for what we believe in.

  • Objective 1: Show a measurable improvement in Brand Health metrics as measured by YouGov.
  • Objective 2: Gain positive earned media attention within 24 hours of International Women's Day.

Creative work