Campaign details

Advertiser: Mcdonald's
Brand: Mcdonald's
Agency: OMD Germany Düsseldorf
Country: Germany


  • A. Increase in sales in the ice-cream segment
  • B. Increasing the frequency of restaurant visits, especially among teenagers
  • C. Increase product appeal / Regain brand love among teenagers


McDonald's lost relevance, trust and love among youth target groups within the last years. Teenagers have lost their connection to the brand because they don't see anything special and don't feel understood by the global burger giant. The objective was to set a positive impact on the above attributes to turn around the trend and to reengage with teenagers in terms of image, feedback and sales.

Creative work

We knew, that teens seek authenticity and credibility when it comes to brand communications: stories they can connect and identify with. Influencer marketing offered a smart choice, but recently we've seen how brands overuse influencers and a wear-out effect sets in. Superficial cooperation's are shunned and youngsters do recognize influencer marketing for what it is: advertising.