Advertiser: Matsumo Kiyoshi
Brand: Matsumo Kiyoshi
Agency: Interbrand
Country: Japan


Matsumoto Kiyoshi (hereafter "Matsukiyo") is the largest drugstore chain in Japan with more than 1,500 stores. Toilet paper was the ideal way to disrupt its marketplace. With both own-branded and second party brands, it sells more toilet paper than any other chain in Japan.

We could not, of course, increase overall sales in this sector—it is unlikely, as well as problematical, to try to convince Japanese people to use more toilet paper, and sales of toilet paper overall are set to drop as the Japanese population falls—but we could certainly shift a far greater market share to Matsukiyo.

We had two objectives:

  1. To promote Matsukiyo as an unconventional drugstore brand. The campaign would inspire it and give it the confidence to embrace a new forward-thinking spirit that would grow its brand significantly.
  2. To erase the association between toilet paper and personal shame. In Japan, toilet paper is shameful. We knew that challenging this would raise brand awareness, stimulate sales, get people talking, and change public perception on this neglected necessity.

Creative work