Campaign details

Advertiser: Mars Petcare
Brand: Pedigree Petfoods
Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland
Country: New Zealand


The objective for this work was to turn around a global brand in decline. But, perhaps more importantly for the long-term, it was also to test a whole new way of working, relying on one of our smallest markets to innovate, prototype and validate a scaleable solution for a big global challenge.

We'll come to our specific objectives, but first a bit of context.

The context

Gum disease is a nasty problem that affects four out of five dogs over three years of age.1 That's why PEDIGREE launched DentaSTIX in 2002. DentaSTIX was a first-in-market, tasty oral-care product for dogs around the world, clinically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar build up. The novelty of our product was an instant hit.2 Owners became more aware of gum problems, dogs chewed happily away and, by positioning DentaSTIX as the toothbrush for dogs, Mars created a whole new category.