Campaign details

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Marmite
Agency: adam&eveDDB London
Country: United Kingdom


Marmite is a salty spread, made from yeast extract, eaten primarily at breakfast, primarily on toast. It has a uniquely polarizing flavour that some people love, and some people hate.

As with any FMCG brand, it relies heavily on mental and contextual availability to grow sales and drive usage. But this is especially the case for Marmite, because even the biggest lovers tend only to eat a little bit at a time.

Accordingly, the brand has a protracted usage cycle, with shoppers (parents) 'in market' far less than competitors like Nutella, Rowse, peanut butter and jam.

Additionally, becoming a 'lover' requires that you be exposed to Marmite at a fairly young age, whilst your tastes are still forming. That's why Marmite was originally distributed in Bounty Packs – not only did it provide crucial vitamins and nutrients for newborns, but it created a continual pipeline of new lovers. (They would eventually pass the habit onto their own families).