Campaign details

Advertiser: Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism
Brand: Louvre Abu Dhabi
Agency: TBWA\RAAD Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates


'Louvre', an icon that shaped culture over centuries, established new roots in Abu Dhabi in November 2017. As the first Universal Museum in the Arab world, the aspiration was to shift the UAE from a luxury hub to a cultural hub within the Middle East.

The opening month began with a string of events from global celebrity visitors to concerts and performances, 3D laser mapping light show, 360 advertising campaign, and several ribbon-cutting events. The well-orchestrated launch successfully drove visitors, and the tickets sold out1.

But beneath this promising reality, laid an alarming truth waiting to be discovered. Two months later, the number of visitors dropped drastically as residents stopped going to the museum. Without the opening hype and ceremonies, residents were not interested in Louvre Abu Dhabi. Local residents believed museums are 'not for them' and perceived them as 'archaic and boring'. Expat residents were not interested in 'another louvre without the Monalisa', or a 'replica' in more raw honesty2.