Lidl & Cª Project Viva: The Marathon For Water

Leo Burnett Lisboa


In Guiné-Bissau, women have to walk the equivalent of a marathon in order to have access to basic things such as water. Lidl, a German supermarket with over 200 stores in Portugal decided to do something in order to shorten these distances. Lidl sponsored a project with the objective of raising enough funds for the construction of strategic located artesian wells in Guiné-Bissau to grant access to fresh water. Project Viva kicked off on December 6th of 2009 at the start of the Lisbon Marathon. Maria Buinen, a village leader from Guiné-Bissau was invited to participate in the Marathon to highlight her routine back in Africa. During the Marathon she carried an empty bottle of water to symbolize the hardships in guiné during her long daily walks back home. After the Marathon a donation drive started across every Lidl in Portugal. With the goal to fund the construction of artesian water wells in Guine and put and end to the daily Marathons. The idea was featured in the major news sites, the main national channels on TV where it was extensively featured in prime time and the highest rated daily talk shows.