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Advertiser: Plastic Oceans International
Brand: LADBible
Agency: AMV BBDO
Country: United Kingdom


The plight of plastic pollution

As you read this, an obscene amount of plastic is making its way into the oceans. In total, eight million tonnes a year1. The impact this plastic has on our world is staggering:

  • It kills 1 million seabirds a year1 2.
  • It means half of the sea turtles worldwide have ingested plastic and beaches are so polluted that it's affecting their reproduction3.
  • It means dead whales found with bellies full of plastic waste4.
  • It means by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by weight5.
  • And it means plastic is even in our food - from table salt and tap water to the actual tissue of aquatic species that humans consume6.