La Sirena: Fashion Attack

Pagés BBDO Santo Domingo

Advertiser: La Sirena
Brand: La Sirena
Country: Dominican Republic


  1. Sales objectives:
    • Increase sales by 3%.
    • ROI: Increase value of investment by 10%.
  2. Interim objectives:
    • Promote the store's collection.
    • Improve customer's negative perception.
    • Demonstrate that La Sirena has fashionable clothing at great prices.
    • Become a relevant fashion choice for customers.


From Tacky to Trendy

La Sirena clothing department's sales had been negatively impacted and this was primarily attributed to inconsistencies in brand perception. While customers trusted La Sirena for quality, low-priced household items, the same did not hold true for the clothing department. Research showed that most customers believed La Sirena sold cheap and unfashionable clothing because the store did not offer designer items. Fashion is extremely important to our target because they feel a need to show off and be considered trendy; they run away from anything that could be considered tacky.