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What were the objectives for the creative work?


Many nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico, as well as globally, observe similar difficulties to sustain their operations: lack of awareness/recognition, lack of resources, and dependence on external funding; are the most pressing. For some organizations the cause itself is the main driver to open people's hearts and wallets… children with cancer or starvation, etc.

P.R. Youth at Risk (JPRR) is different. A small nonprofit organization born in 1993 devoted to a niche community of teens at risk in strong need for help to stay in the right path. This organization faces an even greater challenge to succeed beyond the money: they need what people value the most= their time.

In many instances, asking someone for $1 is much easier than asking someone for 1 hour of volunteering time. To top it off these teens don't require 1 hour of mentorship, the volunteer time spent per mentor averages 200 hours a year… which made the recruiting objective of our effort a monumental feat.