Advertiser: Jesse's Deli
Brand: Jesse's Deli
Agency: DCX Growth Accelerator
Country: United States


185,000 small businesses account for a majority of middle-income jobs in New York. Every month, between 1000 and 1200 of those businesses lose their lease due to exorbitant rent hikes by greedy landlords and financiers.

New Yorkers, however, are becoming increasingly desensitized to the issue of gentrification and rent increases for small businesses.

This typical process plays out: small business occupies storefront for many years – landlord wants to oust them to make room for corporate tenant or high end establishment – landlord increases rent by 200-300% to price them out – tenant is forced to leave.

Jesse, from neighborhood mainstay Jesse's Deli, was also getting priced out of his store and asked if we could help other small business like his before their rents went up, too.