Campaign details

Advertiser: IBM
Brand: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore 
Country: Australia, China, India


The Challenge

IBM's past was eclipsing its future.

IBM is one of the world's great companies. Its hundred-year history includes spearheading the mainframe computing revolution in the 1960s, building a machine that beat Kasparov at chess in the 1990s, and most recently Watson, the intelligent system that won Jeopardy! But its past was holding it back, both financially (73% of its revenue came from legacy products like mainframes1) and perceptually (Business Decision Makers used words like "dated" and "boring" to describe IBM2). IBM had reported 14 consecutive quarters of revenue decline globally (at the time of launching the communications). The only way it could slow this decline was to replace lost 'old' revenue with growing 'new' revenues at a supercharged pace.