Campaign details

Advertiser: Hornbach
Brand: Hornbach
Agency: Heimat Berlin
Country: Germany


For years, Hornbach has been the benchmark of a strong DIY superstore brand throughout Europe. One that celebrates its success with projects that don't gloss over anything: Through blood, dust, sweat, destroyed walls and collapsing buildings, it built a die-hard community of fans.

But how could they win over new DIY enthusiast?

The goal was to win over a new, broad target group, "design-savvy people," with a new facet of DIY and enter the Design space. More specifically:

1. Goal: Awareness through high-efficiency reach.

  • Marketing objective: All superstores in Germany are losing their modern image. With this campaign, the "modernity"-value of Hornbach should at least remain stable against the category trend.
  • Communications objective: The Hornbach target group includes 23,26 million people. There are 8,14 million DIYers living in Germany who are interested in design furniture. The aim was to attract attention as efficiently as possible within this target group. Because the more specific the target group is, the more expensive it is normally to reach them. Earned media would therefore be key.