Group Monge: "Mom comes first": A meaningful campaign to praise mothers

Agency: Havas Tribu


Our objective was to get hold of the Mother's Day celebration in Costa Rica. Therefore, it was essential to become the flag bearer for this special day thanks to a strong message allowing us to achieve a very high top of mind awareness* during the highest-selling season of the year. It is a season during which we compete against other well-established local and international brands.

*Note: Top of mind awareness is the indicator measuring brand awareness in a general context, without specifying a category. It answers the question "What brands do you remember?"


In the entire Latin-American region, including Costa Rica, since 1888 the law states that children must use their father's surname first and their mother's surname last, without taking into account if the father is taking on his responsibilities as a father. Furthermore, the mother's surname is not even taken into account in several social topics. The lack of visibility of the mother's surname is even worst in social networks since most people only include their first surname i.e. the father's surname. This reflects the misconception of a woman's place in a Latin-American society.