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Advertiser: Fox Network Group Latin America
Brand: Fox Network
Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Country: Latin America


FOX Networks Group Latin America is a multimedia group that leads the Pay TV industry by subscription in Latin America. And yes, FOX is the one of The Simpson, but is much more than that as well. Of American origin, it develops, produces and distributes, by cable and also via streaming, entertainment content, films, series, sports and factuals.

Content consumption and even the concept of television are things that have been changing with the emergence of TV on-demand. With proposals that interpreted these changes in consumer behavior around their content habits, HBO and NETFLIX managed to position themselves in the market and isolate the traditional TV offer.

In this context, during 2014 FOX launched its own TV / Digital platform "Fox Premium", but 3 years later people still associated FOX with the historical cable TV channel and not with a 21st century digital TV platform.