Campaign details

Advertiser: Ford Motor Company
Brand: Ford
Agency: GTB São Paulo
Country: Brazil


Despite its 50 years of history in Brazil and its strong performance in market share (3rd position), Ford presented lower preference rate and pricing power when compared to its main competitors. One of the main causes of this scenario, was Ford's product-centric posture towards its customers.

Within this context, our main objective then, was to reconnect the Ford Trucks brand with its audience in an emotional way, focused on enhancing Brand Favorability and demonstrating it cared with them.

Creative work

Once we had a well defined problem to aim, we looked for experts to help us develop a solution. The first expert consulted was the PhD Dra Lia Bittencourt from the National Institute of Sleep, the main organization focused in sleep related studies. Together, we have identified all the truck body movements that could indicate that they were getting tired, so we could know when they were about to suffer an accident caused by fatigue and how could we avoid it to happen.