Everlast Peru: Catcalling your mom



Commercial objectives: We increased our penetration in large commercial areas with promotions and we increased our sales frequency from 30 to 70%.

Marketing objectives: To maintain Everlast's positioning in Peru by empowering women and becoming an ally for women in the category.

To become an active brand and to be a part of the customers' mind shortlist.

We wanted to reaffirm the brands positioning as a partner in women's struggle for equality in a misogynistic society.

Communication objectives: To raise the awareness and goodwill towards the brand by associating ourselves with a cause that was pushing for the passing of an important law.


Everlast is a brand with a male DNA. However, in Peru, it's catered to women for commercial reasons.

This is why we had to rethink our brand's positioning without losing it's DNA. We wanted to project the image of a brand that fights to defend the world of women.