Campaign details

Advertiser: Dorina Nowill Foundation For The Blind
Brand: Dorina Nowill Foundation For The Blind
Agency: TBWA/Lew Lara
Country: Brazil


The project has no commercial or marketing objectives, since the product is not for profit and the client is an NGO.

The Braille Bricks system comprises the Lego blocks, the methodology, the training and education of teachers to use the blocks in Braille literacy. Its development was primarily aimed at fulfilling the Foundation's mission, which is to promote the inclusion of people with visual impairment and poor eyesight, by creating a solution that could assist in the literacy-acquisition process of children with visual impairment. This could enhance teachers' ability at work and give them greater educational power, especially in Braille, in a country that lacks options in this language. The tool also aims to provide more inclusive education, in which children with and without visual impairment are inserted in the same environment and learn the same way.