Dior J'adore


Advertiser: Dior

Brand: Dior J'adore

Country: France


Launched in 1999, Dior J'adore is now the iconic perfume from Parfums Christian Dior.

On the French women's fragrance market, Chanel and Christian Dior are respectively no.1 and no.2, with a significant advantage over their competitors.

Both groups are the market leaders.

Yet, during summer 2011, Dior J'Adore ranks 4th in sales on the French market, with a 3% market share. And Chanel N°5 leads the market with a 3.6% market share.

J'adore is therefore in a paradoxal situation. The iconic embodiment of Christian Dior on the fragrance market, J'adore does not fully play its emblematic role. …neither in terms of sales, or of image.

So, the challenge for Dior J'adore is simple.

In terms of perception: fully endorse its role of image leader of Parfums Christian Dior to hold a central place in French women's minds.