Campaign details

Advertisers: Diesel
Brand: Diesel
Agency: Publicis Italy
Country: Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, United States


Marketing challenges

For many, Diesel symbolized their own adolescence and coming of age. But just like them, Diesel was no longer youthful and felt a bit stuck in the past. An internal study revealed the brand was linked to the image of the rough rebel from the 90's; the one who drinks whisky and drives a Harley. Diesel was now perceived as a static and dusty denim brand, known but not exciting.

Denim was once a statement. Anyone who wore it was considered a rebel. But in the absence of more contemporary icons, the image of jeans was sinking. Marlon Brando, James Dean, Elvis, The Ramones... the rebels from the past were long gone. Being perceived as a denim brand was unlikely to help us revive the brand.