Deutsche Telekom: Wi-Fi Dogs

Agency: DDB Germany


Deutsche Telekom's data roaming pass "Travel & Surf" is a safe way of surfing the net while on vacation. Users can choose their favoured data package before or during holidays and then use it in over 100 countries worldwide1.

However, having in mind that in the past data roaming created tremendous phone bills, people have a deeply embedded fear of turning on data roaming during a stay abroad. While actually the costs for data roaming across the EU were cut by up to 91% between 2008 and 20142, a survey of 28,000 EU citizens by the European Commission from 02/2014 states that 94% of Europeans who travel outside their home country limit their usage of internet services because of this fear.3 A total of 47% would not even dare to ever use e-mails and social media in another EU country.4 Thus, the main challenge for this campaign was to overcome the roaming-fear and make people change their surfing habits while on vacation.