Campaign details

Advertiser: Danish Cancer Society & Trygfonden
Brand: Danish Cancer Society & Trygfonden
Agency: &Co Copenhagen
Country: Europe, Thailand


Every single year, thousands of Danes from the cold North head to the south of Europe in the hopes of sunnier weather and warmer temperatures. Unfortunately every third Dane returns with a sunburn. Sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer and Malignant Melanoma. In fact, the number of Danes that get sunburned on their holiday has increased by six percentage points from 2012 to 2015. That is a problem. Especially because 90% of all types of skin cancer can be prevented by something as simple as sensible behavior in the sun.*

The most crucial goal for The Danish Cancer Society and TrygFonden's 2017 Sun Protection Campaign, was to get Danes to understand the importance of changing their behavior in the sun.