Advertiser: CVS Health
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Country: USA


Each year, smoking-related illnesses cost Americans $300 billion1 and the use of tobacco claims 480,000 lives.2 To put it mildly, tobacco ≠ health.

Yet many companies that profess to make people healthy also sell cigarettes.

Over the past decade, CVS has quietly become a leader in reshaping healthcare in America. No longer just a corner drugstore, CVS was offering diverse health services, including walk-in clinics, pharmacy benefits management services, and specialty medications. The company wanted to make public its purpose of helping people on their path to better health and part of that plan included a name change to better reflect the reality of the company—CVS Health. But they couldn’t do so while continuing to sell something that was making millions of Americans sick. So in February 2014, CVS became the first national pharmacy to announce that it would remove tobacco from its shelves and would do so within six months, despite a potential $2 billion3 loss to their bottom line.