Campaign details

Advertiser: Coca-Cola
Brand: Coca-Cola
Agency: Fitzco/McCann Atlanta
Country: North America


After four years of featuring names on packaging, Coke needed a new way to generate awareness and excitement for the now 1,000+ names featured on Coke bottles and cans. As part of the integrated campaign launch, Fitzco was asked to create a radio spot communicating that Share a Coke was back to encourage consumption during the summer months.

Creative work

We didn't execute one :30 radio ad. Instead, we took the campaign to a whole new level. We let people know Share a Coke was back with more names than ever by creating a totally unique song for EVERY name on Coke bottles - over 1,000. We wrote songs for first names, last names, Spanish names and even rare names never featured on keychains, much less the hook of a song.

We created so many name songs you never heard the same one twice. The campaign launched in radio to drive interest and excitement, then spread to social where audio-animated adaptations drove engagement through a landing page on to find more songs and continue sharing. And when people tweeted about not having their name, we wrote custom songs in real time.