Campaign details

Advertiser: Coca-Cola
Brand: Coca-Cola
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil


A. Commercial Objectives: Sales recovery – rescue a declining category

The carbonated drinks segments is in trouble in Brazil. The new wellness zeitgeist sent the consumers' relation with it in a downward spiral and fierce indirect competition in the form of juice, water, tea and coffee threatens the financial success of the segment, not only delivering healthier solutions, but also cheaper ones – a huge factor for a market who is slowly recovering from a massive national economic crisis. For The Coca Cola Company this is particularly troublesome news: not only is Coca-Cola the segment leader, but also its revenue is crucial for the company financial wellbeing. Therefore, our commercial objective was to lead a segment turnaround, driving category growth and ensuring the financial health of the company. (*Source: Euromonitor Carbonates in Brazil - March 2019). This goal was measured by mix share (Source: Coca-Cola data).