Coca-Cola: The real ice cold Coca-Cola

Ogilvy & Mather Bogotá


The perfect serve of Coca-Cola is with ice because that's the best way to enjoy its unique taste and sparkling sensation. As the manual suggests: "Don't forget, Coca–Cola products are always filled 1/3 of the glass height with fresh ice."

A Coca-Cola that is not at its right temperature is not as enjoyable as it should be, and a bad taste experience is the last thing we want. In most parts of the world, summer means going to the beach, being outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and taking in the heat. And although heat is bad for serving our product, it is the ideal occasion for a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has a long history of being part of the enjoyment of summer. And although people really love the Coca-Cola brand, they don't drink it frequently. This has been the result of the communications focusing too much on the story of optimism and getting people to fall in love with the brand message, instead of the product. We needed product to play a central role in telling the story of optimism. (For detailed information please refer to the "Confidential and Not for Publication" section, point 1.)