Campaign details

Advertiser: Cigna
Brand: Cigna
Agency: McCann New York 
Country: United States


Cigna continued its mission to prove itself as a partner in wellness – beyond just providing health insurance benefits and services, it had to earn people's trust as a partner that was truly looking out for their well-being; one that aimed to keep them healthier in the process.

To that end, our goals were to:

  1. Punch above our weight: Earned media was a primary metric as we knew that our competitors would be out-shouting us during the Open Enrollment time period in which we needed to launch. Earned attention meant the message was taking hold in culture, beyond just an ad campaign – a critical step in creating behaviour change toward the annual check-up. We needed to achieve or surpass our earned media value from Season 1 of our TV Doctors campaign as measured by AVE (ad value equivalency).
  2. Increase annual check-ups: Behaviourally, we wanted to see that it wasn't just a feel good message but one that actually got more people to their doctor for a check-up. Although the message was for everyone across the country, our best proxy for measurement was an increase in annual check-ups among Cigna customers.
  3. Increase knowledge of personal health numbers: We wanted to help people understand the numbers they would receive at their check-up so that they'd know what to do with them. These include blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), blood glucose, and cholesterol, as measured by an increase in visits to our mobile clinic.
  4. Increase trust: Drive a significant increase among consumers who trust Cigna – beyond the current 45% benchmark.
  5. Increase familiarity, favorability, and likelihood to consider Cigna: Cigna is a B2B2C category, meaning most consumers can only purchase it if offered through their company's insurance plan. So although consideration is a tough metric to move (people know they can't choose it freely), seeing positive shifts in familiarity, favorability, and consideration would be a key to how much consumers were leaning toward the brand as a choice should it present itself.

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