Ceylon Newspapers: The world's first mosquito repellent newspaper

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What were the objectives for the creative work?

Background to the industry: A crowded category facing a decline

The newspaper industry in Sri Lanka is highly cluttered, with over 200 registered publications reaching 18 million readers (National Media Survey 2014). The highest readership is enjoyed by the well-established Lankadeepa, reaching almost half the adult population. Sixteen other Sinhalese dailies compete directly with Mawbima. (National Media Survey 2014)

Moreover, out of the total adult population, only 57% are newspaper readers. And the category is shrinking fast, recording a growth of only 11%% in the previous year. (National Media Survey 2014). This was mainly due to the most influential segment, the urban professionals, turning to other media for their daily dose of news. Although this segment accounts for approximately 20% of the adult population of Sri Lanka, not many of them are regular newspaper readers. For example, readership of the most popular newspaper, Lankadeepa, was only 8.5% among this segment. (National Media Survey 2014).