Canadian Tire Retail: Ice Truck

TAXI Canada

What were the objectives for the creative work?

Communications Objective – Drive new consumer behavior by making Canadians care about their battery

The products and services needed to prep your car for a Canadian winter are well established. Winter tires, winter washer fluid, wiper blades and an engine check. Because brands don't talk about much else, the average consumer doesn't think about much else, if they even think about those.

That poses a serious problem.

Having a fully working battery is essential to making it through the winter. A battery needs more power to start when it's cold, so while a worn-down or half-charged battery may be able to start a car on a day when it's 7°C, when the temperature swings to -7°C, you could be stranded in the cold.

Yet batteries are viewed as a grudge purchase – "I buy one when it breaks" – not a proactive, preventative one. We needed to drive a new behavior. We needed to convince consumers to care about the effectiveness of the battery in their vehicle.