Advertiser: Canada Goose
Brand: Canada Goose
Agency: CAA Marketing
Country: Europe & North America


Before 2015, Canada Goose had become one of the most popular brands in fashion but had done it all without mass advertising. Canada Goose was famous for their best-in-class, Arctic-tested jackets, which have become so popular that it is a challenge for the brand to meet the consumer demands.

However, while the brand's reach has proliferated around the world, few people knew about its heritage. Built over the last 60 years, Canada Goose exists with one goal in mind: to free people from the elements, so they can get out there in the world and live their best lives. With the brand trying to position itself for an impending IPO better, they recognized that unless consumers understood and appreciated the heritage and ethos of the brand, they risked becoming a passing trend, making them less attractive to public investors.