Advertiser: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Brand: Budweiser
Agency: Anomoly
Country: Canada


The ultimate goal was increasing brand preference and consumption through association with hockey. That being said, despite being the #1 beer brand in Canada, Budweiser was also suffering with a meaning and relevancy gap to our largest competitor, Molson Canadian

In September 2016, when the goals would matter the most to all of Canada, we needed to develop an innovative way to elevate game time by deepening fans' emotional connection to hockey and Budweiser. We needed to make Bud synonymous with hockey goals and ensure our product was in the hands of every fan during game time.

  1. Commercial objectives
    1. Statistical increase in past-four-week consumption vs. last year
    2. Grow market share in promo period vs. last year
  2. Marketing objectives
    1. Statistical increase in top three favourite brands vs. last year
  3. Communication objectives
    1. Generate 70 million earned impressions to overpower Molson's sponsorship
    2. Media ROI > ABI Global Benchmark

Creative work