Advertiser: adidas
Brand: adidas
Agency: Possible London
Country: United Kingdom


London was the first market in a truly radical project for adidas. As a result, the goals weren't quite the usual set of awareness, consideration, sales – this was an exercise in how a major corporate player can act like a nimble start-up, breaking all its own rules, changing internal behaviours, reaching an audience that was ignoring the brand, proving that an established player can operate in the online marketplace and deliver a truly different business model.

Commercially, we needed to prove a radical new approach worked – this was literally a 'proof of concept'. Our objectives included launching without issues & delivering sales through a new delivery model, then proving we could deliver both repeat sales and ongoing growth of purchasers. Key objectives were:

  1. Launch a new football boot franchise with a new model
  2. Convert registered users to sales
  3. Drive repeat/associated sales, not just one-off purchases
  4. Prove the ability to continue sales growth over time