Advertiser: Aster DM Healthcare
Brand: Aster DM Healthcare
Agency: The Classic Partnership
Country: India


Aster DM Healthcare is the GCC's largest medical network with 19,593 employees and 2,296 doctors working in 323 establishments spread across 9 countries.

UAE has a large migrant blue-collar population that is on a constant rise. A significant proportion of these migrants work on construction sites in Dubai. Their employment contracts only offer basic mandatory health insurance policies that fail to cover several healthcare divisions, eye care being one of them. Earning minimum wages discourages them from going for check-ups at their own cost, even if a medical condition like poor eyesight develops. Since their income supports their families back in their home countries, every dollar spent out of their pocket is a dollar less sent home.

The objective for Aster was to make eye care easily accessible to the blue-collar construction workers of Dubai without needing to invest in a team that would travel to various labour camps and carry out eye tests. On the successful completion of the first phase of the initiative, the next step was to take the idea to other segments around the world with similar challenges.